Natalie - Queensland

April 2019

Like so many before me, I enrolled in a Nail Tech course because what I’d experienced in the walk in walk out chain salons left me frustrated beyond belief. Little did I know of the world that was to unfolded. I gained my certificate in 2017 from a reputable Institution. At completion I was hooked but equally horrified at what little I knew of the artistic and technical world! In short I felt very inadequate of my skill level. Whilst trawling for inspiration I spotted a super talented Melbourne artist using Akzentz products. Devine work! I buy this stuff I be equally set! Delusional, absolutely but search I did and this lead me to Akzentz sole distributor ViVid Nails. More importantly however to me having a one-on-one half day training with THE Viv! I knew nothing of Viv’s nail royalty background thus subsequently bludgeoned my way through a wildly entertaining nail art session! Viv patiently guided me through the art of drawing lines (still the bane of my life) and unreservedly shared her extensive knowledge. I cannot emphasis just how much of a difference it made having first hand access to her level of expertise! Watching Youtube is good but the ah-haaa moments obtained in such sessions are invaluable. Since then I have completed an online watercolour class with Viv and attended a class with the world class Olena Ozeman kindly organised by Viv. Just Wow to all of the above. I am still hooked on nails, still trying to perfect lines and still keen as mustard to keep learning from Viv and the super talented Akzentz team!

Jane - Melbourne

May 2019  

Recently I did the watercolour nail art class with Viv and it was amazing! I love nail art and learning a new skill is always rewarding. Viv is a world of knowledge and very happy to pass on her techniques to newbies and professionals alike. She loves to take action photos of you as you're painting the designs and then sends them to you at the end so you have a lovely collection of photos to keep. The class is very personal, only 2-3 students, so it's pretty much one on one training. I just didn't want it to end! I'm definitely going to be doing more training with Viv, both online and in person! Thank you so much, Viv .

Kelly - Melbourne

February 2019  

I wanted to thank Vivid Nails Academy, specifically Viv for training me for my Gel certification course. Viv honestly is the best in the business! With the small intimate classes Viv was able to dedicate more time to me than what I would have received from a Tafe or larger school. I loved the fact that it was up to me how fast or slow I wanted to complete the course. Her knowledge and professionalism was second to none.

Her encouragement pushed me into the direction of competing in nails. Something I would have never done before but her belief in my skills (which I only gained because of her) allowed me to win 3x 1st places and 1x  2nd place in the INJA Nail Competition. I have and still am learning so much from Viv and its only up for me from here! I could not recommend Vivid Nails Academy enough and I plan to learn more from her in the future with her advanced classes.

Natalie - Melbourne.  

When I decided to study to become a nail technician I did not know where to choose, I wanted somewhere where I would learn from the best and no shortcuts. After a lot of searching around I discovered vivid nail academy and all the great reviews. Viv Simmonds is an amazing teacher and mentor and taught me more than I could of imagined. I am now aware of the different techniques and mediums, how to shape, build, sculpt, overlay and produce amazing nail art that I did not think would be possible for me to do with only just starting, plus so much more. Viv has made me feel nothing but comfortable and confident with the work I am producing and pushed me to be my best. The training is very intimate, meaning the time is really taken to make sure you know what to do and don't get left behind. I have learnt so much from Viv and feel like my opportunities are now endless, i am nothing but happy I decided to go with vivid nail Academy to do my studies.   

Kylie Floros, Mebourne, VIC

I completed my Nail Technology Training with VIVid Nails in 2006. When I enrolled at VIVid Nails I had already completed a Nail Course with another School but was unhappy with the level of training and professionalism I received. VIVid Nails taught me everything I needed to know as a Nail Technician. I then went on to work for Viv in her salon and over the years I was promoted to my current position of Office Manager for VIVid Nails. Training with VIVid Nails and Viv Simmonds not only gave me the skills and confidence to continue doing what I loved but has also provided me with the opportunity to train with and meet some of the most inspirational people in our Industry.

Jacinta Tam  Cairns, QLD

I first contacted Vivid Nails to inquire about a Certificate II in Nail Technology. My knowledge of nails and nail applications prior to that was of nail salons in shopping centres and beauty salons. My back ground in skills is not in the beauty industry. Never would I have imagined the wealth of
knowledge I obtained from doing a blended learning course from Vivid Nails! It has opened up amazing opportunities and I have discovered a creative and artistic side I never thought I have. I did look at other places to do this course however none of them compared to the knowledge you
would gain from Vivid Nails and the extremely high quality trainers and artists you can learn off. This course has more to offer and a higher understanding to nails than any others I researched into. I now can hold a brush steady, I can draw amazing paintings of puppies that look like water art on nails and I can create 3D art… and to believe this is just the beginning! I recommend for anyone interested in Nails – This is the course to do! You will never look back. The trainers help you every step of the way and the books are easy to understand. This is the ‘everything you need to know
and more course’ for nails.  Thank you Vivid Nails for opening up a creative and fun side of me I didn't even know I had!

Jess Urquhart

For the team at ONS Vivid Nails,
After a fair few years of really wanting to get into doing nails and becoming a nail tech, I found myself doing my certificates through VIVid Nails Academy. I couldn't have been happier to finally start doing what I wanted to do. I was so nervous to start but the team has been lovely and helped me out and through everything. I wouldn't have been able to do it without their support behind me, not to mention the talent that they have! Their inspiration has put me where I am today. I am now a qualified nail tech and I am hoping to stick with VIVid and become an educator to teach students and help get them where they want to be, like VIVid Nails has done for me.

Natalie King Melbourne, VIC

I started training with Viv Simmonds back in 1999 and I believe I was taught the highest quality in nail training that I have come across. Since then I have continued training with VIVid Nails in between having a family and working. Viv and her professional Educators are not only absolutely great at what they teach they are inspiring and I would not be where I am today without them! The on going support is among the best I have experienced in this industry. As a technician or a business woman, Viv will do whatever she can to guide you in the right direction to assist you in achieving your goals.

Kristy Short Melbourne, VIC

Searching for a school to complete my Certificate II in Nail Technology was very frustrating. I needed flexibility so that I could fit it in with my growing family and I wanted to learn from people who were up to date with current techniques and trends. I also wanted the opportunity to continue to grow and learn. VIVid Nails Academy provides all that and more. I have had the pleasure of being trained by some of the most talented Nail Technicians in Australia who have so much passion for the industry and teaching. I have been encouraged to compete, which was an amazing experience. I have completed advanced courses and have signed up for more and the best of all is the constant support, without pressure my Educator is there by phone or email whenever I need her. Finding VIVid Nails Academy is the best thing that could ever have happened for my nail career.

I have that found that Samantha does a great job of teaching gel, I have learnt a lot for her and the gels are great to work with and the colors are lovely.

Margaret Barlow

Canberra, ACT