E-Filing Class

This Class is focused purely on teaching the safe and correct methods of E-Filing. 


From Novice students (beginners) to advanced - this class is catered for all.  Class sizes are limited and are between 1-4 students at a time, ​giving you a learning experience that is personal, professional and highly rewarding.


The class is conducted over 6 hours and covers all the following areas of E-Filing...

  • The benefits of using an E-File

  • The damage that can be caused by an E-File without correct training

  • The various drill bits available and their purposes

  • About E-Files and the differences

  • The working mechanisms of an E-File

  • Correct and safe work practices using an E-File in the salon

  • What to use an E-File for in the salon

  • Sanitation of E-File bits and accessories

  • Practical 'hands-on' training 



The course cost is $280 and includes the following;

  • Training provided by Multi Award Winning Educator - Viv Simmonds. 

  • A Certificate of Achievement from VIVid Nails signed by Viv Simmonds 


  • A student kit which contains a Escort III E-File, Drill Bit Holder and 4 E-Filing Bits which is everything you need to get started immediately.  The cost of the kit is $556.95. 

A discount is applied if you register for the class and include the kit:

Total $800

Should you have any questions regarding this course, or you would like to register,

please contact Viv - via the 'Contact Us' page.